Come and Listen’ to Tony’s Polka Band’s latest release.  Title track Come and Listen is adapted from a Cuban Traditional melody enhanced with TPB’s one of a kind polka flair.  Fiddle feature Read It in a Book is a fun and thought-provoking song courtesy of Saratoga-based recording artist John Kirk.  Also featured are four original songs Welcome, I Want to Be With You, Spotted Dog Oberek and Two Lives Become One Waltz Tony’s gift for arranging is highlighted in Nie Placz Tatusiu, Zydoweczka, and Polish folk song Ore Ore.
Tony’s Polka Band’s cutting-edge album, ‘Dance to This!’ is both an invitation and a challenge to dancers everywhere.  With the most eclectic list of 15 selections yet, a dancer can never anticipate what is in store for them next. This album includes New England, Honky, Eastern, and  contemporary polkas while incorporating ideas from Country, Rock, and Disco. Hej Ze Hej, The Auctioneer, Disney’s Under the Sea, and Polish disco Na Dancingu have all become staples of Tony’s Polka Band’s every-growing progressive repertoire.
As the title implies, ‘With My  Fiddle and My Bow’ is a country fiddle driven album featuring 16 innovative titles. Original songs With My Fiddle and My Bow, I Love Only You Polka, I Love Only You Ballad, and the idea for This is Polka Country  are courtesy of long-time friend and song writer Bob Prytko. The 2004 International Polka Association Favorite Male Vocalist, Eddie Biegaj, is showcased on the traditional folk favorite, Monday Morning.   
That’s What the Devil Said’ is a milestone for Tony’s Polka Band in discovering their unique and characteristic sound. The 14 tracks include: That’s What the Devil Said and Little Girl Dressed in Blue, both a tribute to the  memory of Betty Banewicz, the induction of the fiddle into the band with Michael Martin Murphy’s Fiddlin’ Man, the clarinet driven Eastern style sound of Kawaler Oberek and Jersey Lightning Polka, and the tear  jerking original waltz Times Have Changed.
The excellence continues with the release of ‘Tonight’s the Night.’ With 12 tracks, this album breathes new life into traditional Polish folk songs. Also, 3 new and original songs are debuted: Tony’s Polka Band Opening, Goralskie Wesele Oberek, and title-cut Tonight’s the Night
All Mixed Up’ is the recording which first put Tony’s Polka Band on the map. Of the 15 tracks, 3 original compositions are featured including: All Mixed Up Polka, Building America Waltz, and the highly acclaimed Drunken Grandma Oberek